The company organizes the manufacturing division to visit the exchange study

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March 18, 2017, the cause of more than 60 manufacturing management staff came to the strip company site, carried out a half-day production site learning.
Mr. Yuan Mingzu, director of human resources for Weibei, welcomed the purpose and process of this exchange, and asked everyone to learn to "summarize, refine, improve and promote" and promote effective and effective experience. , Produce synergies and economies of scale. Visit the stage under the leadership of the various departments in charge of the alloy plate, the team members to the site to visit, equipment staff for a team focus on the discussion of equipment, technical staff a group of specialized research technology and process, quality control staff focus on quality issues.
 After the end of the visit, during the exchange and sharing stage, Mr. Chen Kehui, Executive Deputy General Manager of Belt Company, elaborated the internal management experience, production process, product application and design requirements of the strip. Mr. Chen always welcomed the visitors' Advantages and Disadvantages of communication and discussion. Participants are divided into eight groups to discuss the discussion, each group have elected a representative for a concluding speech, we all express their views, enthusiastically speaking, the production site management standardization, modernization of technology, production operations, process management data, how to achieve German business management launched a lively discussion.