Innovative Technology, Infinite Energy International partners to discuss cooperation

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Boviet held a technical exchange conference with the theme of "Innovation, Science and Technology, Infinite Energy" after Poweway Group 30 years Anniversary Celebration on the afternoon of October 27, 2017. Top 10 players, Calcom Solar and Miller Bros from the US photovoltaic industry, Ozyer Group from Turkey, Viessmann from Germany and other more than 10 International PV distributors and EPC companies participated the conference.


The technical exchange conference was held to demonstrate the strong capabilities of Boviet Solar, R&D of Boviet, solar products features and quality advantages. Mr. Xie Zhaochun, General Manager of Boviet Solar, introduced the current global photovoltaic market, Boviet Solar development trend and the future development plan. Ms. Sienna Cen who is the chief of Boviet Solar USA introduced Boviet market development, product quality control. Dr. Wu Zhonghan, Director of R&D department, analyzed the current technical situation and future technology roadmap of Boviet Solar product.

'High efficiency, low cost, reliable quality solar module will be the trend of photovoltaic market, and it is also the challenge for R&D capability. Innovation is one of the most important factor for Boviet Solar development, only the sense of innovation is applied and reflected in the management, development, technology, manufacturing, marketing and other aspects of the work, can we truly continue to create value for our partners, and ensure our clients be competitive enough in the market' said Mr. Xie Zhaochun, the general manager of Boviet Solar.


Mr. Xie mentioned that from the beginning of 2018, Boviet would produce PERC cells on all production lines, poly cell efficiency will improve from 19.2% to 20.6%, and mono cell efficiency will improve from the current 20.8% to 22.8% by 2019. The company will develop the new technology such as half-cut-cell modules, and provide the new products for our clients.

Dr. Wu Zhonghan clarified the importance of cell technology for the development of PV industry, and also introduced the development 5BB cells, half-cut-cell technology plans. Subsequently,  customers spoke enthusiastically and promoted valuable suggestions, and showed that they had confidence in the future cooperation with Boviet Solar.