Common wealth
Help return society, society is a long Powerway group adhere to the mission and responsibility, to carry out charitable activities is the enterprise to the dedication of the society, it is also the power for the enduring success, we actively, and make unremitting efforts to build good society.

Powerway has been enthusiastic and concerns for social welfare undertakings, and always adheres to the philosophy" Enterprise development depends on the society, and shall repay the society with achievements". Powerway never leaves behind its social responsibilities when making efforts for its business development

For years, Powerway has been taking practical actions to help solving difficulties for the poor and provide support to their local constructions. Powerway Charity Fund is set up to support the people who suffered from poor, serious diseases and the family with big economic loss, till today Powerway has supported over 300 people. etc.

Meanwhile, we donated a Powerway Hope Primary School, which avails a great number of children to study in school; and Mother Care Fund is set up to spread mother care and love to the children,”Five Waters Treatment” project makes a better and more ecological environment; Donating China Green Carbon Fun, health care and other activities are etc. All these cases give good expression to the enthusiasm and undertaking of Powerway to the public welfares, which help a lot who need it, and spead more love and cares to lead and accumulate more and more positive energy for the society.