Powerway HoldsCultural Pace Award Presentation Ceremony & Manager Conference

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On February 23, 2018, the Powerway Group's 2017 annual class-level cultural parade award ceremony and the 2018 Managers' Conference were held in the Yunlong Town Cultural Center.


At 8:00, under the leadership of the Group Chairman Xie Shicai, executives of the subsidiaries, general managers, and heads of various functional departments of the Group entered the venue. Also on the day were the 2017 Group and Cultural Models, and nearly 500 managers and employee representatives from the Group's domestic and foreign subsidiaries.宣誓.jpg

The conference was composed of two parts: the group-level cultural parade award ceremony and the group management meeting. It focused on enhancing the "sense of mission, responsibility, and sense of crisis" of all managers. At the ceremony, a total of 41 personal pacesetters from the manufacturing, R&D, sales and logistics systems and 4 team draftsmen went on stage to receive recognition. Four of the four pacesetters from sales, equipment, technology, and R&D systems made speeches. , Demonstrate the goals and determination of 2018; At the Managers' Conference, the presidents and general managers of five companies went on stage in succession. The main work, performance, and 2018 goals and plans were displayed and reported, and the company's management team was sworn in to inspire employee morale.


At the meeting, the host also shared the hopes and hopes of the new year goals from domestic and foreign subsidiaries, different positions, employees and managers at different levels through the employee interview video, and encouraged everyone to face the new challenges in 2018. New opportunities, come up with a determination to scratch the iron and hard work.

After listening to the reports of the presidents and general managers of each company, the chairman of the company made an important speech titled "Complete the "Two Changes and One Liter" and Realize the German Manufacturing Enterprise with the Spirit of "Sticking Together" and encouraged everyone to "just do it." Good 'five firm, one implement, one improve'', our performance will be able to be completed well, and our Powerway will surely become a world-class company! ”

After the meeting, all the cultural modelers took photos with the chairman and the presidents and general managers of the subsidiaries, and the heads of the various functional departments of the group.