Powerway alloy shines at the Shanghai Electronics        

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The 2018 Shanghai Electronica (electronica China 2018) was held on March 14-16 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich is an exhibition for the electronics industry. It is also an important event in the industry. It comprehensively showcases products and solutions for semiconductors, sensors, connectors and power supplies, and witnesses the development of the global electronics industry. As an important supplier of product materials for the electronics industry, Powerway alloys bring a variety of products to the market.


At the exhibition site, many of the alloys of Powerway were favored by customers. They stayed around and negotiated constantly. Sales engineers introduced products to customers and answered questions. Regardless of technical level, products and solutions, and management, Powerway alloys as high-end alloy material R&D and manufacturing companies have the ability to meet the different needs of customers. Over the years, through continuous innovation, we have developed a variety of products that meet the needs of the market, providing customers with more excellent electronic materials, and making positive contributions to the innovation and development of the electronics industry.


During the same period, Powerway Alloys and well-known industry experts, corporate representatives, and outstanding suppliers and technical service providers on the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain participated in the International Connector Innovation Forum. Representatives of industry experts from well-known companies such as Tyco Electronics and AVIC Optoelectronics gave a brilliant speech at the forum. Dr. Zhuang Xiufa from Powerway brought the “New Alloy Connector Solution for High-current Connector Materials” and was highly appreciated by upstream and downstream companies. 


During the speech, Dr. Zhuang Xiufa made a detailed introduction focusing on the new products of PW49700. He was appraised by many delegates, and communicated and communicated with the on-site customers. He received the recognition and praise from the connector industry customers and experts. There is no shortage of seats and the atmosphere is warm!

On March 16th, the star-studded Munich Electronics Show in Shanghai was successfully concluded. The Powerway alloys came with the industry's recognition and customers' praise. As we are committed to becoming a "Powerwayalloy, making manufacturing smarter," we will never forget our heart and mind.